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At Coast to Coast, we employ highly experienced and knowledgeable merchandising supervisors.

Our attention to detail and broad background in retail merchandising allows us to provide a robust partner service to our clients, alongside our fixture installation expertise.

From start to finish, our merchandisers ensure that all projects are precise, clean and ready for opening day, every time.

Our team's highest priority is meeting our client's goals and deadlines for a store opening.

The Merchandising Process:

  • Receive and unload all delivery trucks of fixtures and merchandising materials
  • Install all fixtures, per planogram and scope of work, down to last detail
  • Install all shelves, hangbars, peghooks, front-runners and any other marketing fixture pieces
  • Install any graphics and/or sign packages
  • Pre-set and pre-ticket all category sections, per planogram
  • Unload all delivery trucks of merchandise
  • Set and display all merchandise
  • Palletize and shrink wrap all overstock merchandise and extra fixtures,
    to be sent back to warehouse
  • Walk the project with client representative, to ensure entire scope of work has been completed
  • Review and sign off on all final paperwork, to ensure all merchandising and fixturing detail is met
  • Notify client of store completion

We stand behind our quality workmanship.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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