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At Coast to Coast Fixturing we have three extensive training programs that allow our employees and our clients to work in a safe environment and ensure that the highest standard of workmanship is accomplished.

Quality Workmanship Program

This program is supplied to all employees to guarantee customer satisfaction. This program includes on-site demonstrations by our experienced job supervisors, as well as multiple conferences prior, during and post project. One of our most effective tools is the Fixture Installation instructional video that demonstrates the quality workmanship we require.

Safety Program

This program, which is supplied to our employees, provides instruction in safety procedures for our clients and for CTC employees. A safety training instructional video is supplied to all our employees so they will be trained in first aid and emergency situations.

Forklift Training Program

This program, which is monitored by FLO-RITE, Inc and operated by Compliance Systems Management, is offered to selected employees. This is an OSHA regulated program that allows us to train selected employees in-house for Forklift operations. Operating heavy machinery in project locations can be extremely dangerous and have excessive costs if there is damage to materials or equipment. This program was implemented in 2002, enabling our staff to have the highest standard of training available to increase safety awareness and decrease exorbitant costs.

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